Saturday, August 16, 2014

International Children's Rights Institute

ICRI will be a non-partisan, secular educational and research center bringing together scholars from various nations and political ideologies in the global cause of children’s rights. Of particular interest in children’s rights issues are divorce, child poverty, human trafficking, child slavery, and artificial reproductive technology, all of which warrant thorough and multilateral debate. It is important to examine these questions within the larger political and economic context, and to incorporate a global focus.

To the extent that ICRI will connect scholars to share breaking international news relevant to children’s rights, it can also be described as a watchdog group as well. The institute will operate a website with a daily blog, monthly podcasts, and a place for weekly articles (2,000-2,5000 words) on the topic of children’s rights. In addition, it will sponsor lecture series and colloquia, some targeting students in particular, so that members of the public can hear from guest speakers and educate themselves about children’s rights. ICRI will also sponsor ad-hoc research committees charged with longer-term reports on children’s rights if there are pressing current events such as legislative debates or court cases that revolve around children’s rights.  (more...)

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