Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Columnist’s approach on sex-ed not constructive

Re: Will Wynne make good on sex-ed promise? — July 25

According to columnist Martin Regg Cohn, former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty "lost his nerve — and his judgment — when confronted by a rump group of religious and right-wing provocateurs" who objected to the Liberals' proposed reformed sex-education curriculum.

Just who are these fanatical provocateurs? And what are their criticisms? Why the secrecy?

Cohn quotes the head of the Ontario Health and Physical Education Association, who is exasperated by "the way politicians are bullied by pressure groups opposed to sex education." Again, who are these pressure groups and what are their objections?

Cohn claims former Tory leader Tim Hudak stooped to an alliance with a little-known televangelist. Not just any alliance — a perverse alliance. Of course, what other kind of alliance could you possibly make with a raging, sexually obsessed (repressed?) televangelist who is probably — brace yourself — a Christian?  (more...)

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