Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Free the Children manager resigns after report on his work as gay stripper

A manager at the popular Canadian charity Free the Children who helped run the organization’s We Day events, spoke frequently at schools, and led youth trips overseas has resigned after LifeSiteNews reported he was moonlighting as a gay stripper.

Michael Lorsch, former manager of Free the Children's leadership programs in Toronto, resigned Friday after LifeSiteNews ran two stories on August 14 and August 18 about his role as a performer in the homosexual-themed troupe Boylesque, which aims to put “male nudity and sexuality back center-stage where it belongs.”

Lorsch, who performs under the stage name Mickey D. Liscious, is described on Boylesque’s website this way: “The ladies say he's a sweetheart, the gentleman know better. Mickey D is all about love.health.happiness.equality...and heavy petting.”  (more...)

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