Saturday, August 16, 2014

'Fuelling Lolita fantasies and rampant sexism': American Apparel accused of 'resorting to underage porn'

Fashion brand American Apparel was last night attacked for an ‘abhorrent’ advertising campaign featuring provocative images of models posing as schoolgirls.

In the photo a model is seen from behind, bending over with her legs and part of her buttocks and underwear on display.

The company also sells a range of crop tops called ‘Lolita’, a reference to the controversial novel by Vladimir Nabokov about an older man’s sexual infatuation with a 12-year-old girl.

The American Apparel website, which is aimed at young people, sells a collection of clothing and accessories under the heading School Days. It features the tagline: ‘Your first assignment is to dress accordingly.’

Pictures show models in thigh-skimming skirts and midriff-revealing tops standing beside school lockers.

Yesterday, a children’s charity called the advertising disgraceful and asked parents to stop their children from buying the items.   (more...)

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