Monday, August 18, 2014

As long as this police chief stays, paedophiles and sex abusers will get away with it

For far too long, sexual abuse has been a voiceless crime. Victims suffered in silence because they had no confidence in the authorities and didn’t think anyone would believe them.

Thankfully we’re now seeing this crime dragged out of the shadows,  victims are feeling empowered to come forward and justice is being delivered.

In my constituency of Rochdale I’ve seen first-hand the damage it does. We’ve had a major grooming scandal and the evil legacy of Cyril Smith to contend with.

Children have been raped and lives have been ruined. Slowly but surely the law is beginning to catch up with abusers.

However, I’m convinced some abusers are continuing to get away with it because the pace of change is being held up by one major obstacle: The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, Sir Peter Fahy.  (more...)

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