Thursday, August 21, 2014

That Unobtrusive "Donate Button"

Dear Readers,

I would like to draw your attention to the Donate Button on my side bar. It looks like this:

That's because it hasn't received a lot of attention from my readers. Actually, no attention. You see, there's somebody who likes to have the rent and bills paid. She's noticed that the time I spend posting here hasn't contributed to her likes. Let me introduce her to you:

Nice looking? Well, she's married. To me. And she has expectations.

As a married man, with a son and nieces and nephews -- gosh I'm a grand-uncle now -- I've grown alert to, even alarmed about, developments in my community and culture that threaten our families. That's why I watch for them and post items exposing them here. Neighborhood watch. Sorta reprises my training as a reconnaissance squad commander in the armed forces. Get critical information back to HQ. Eyes and ears of the battalion.

So, you can help keep me in the fight by clicking that Donate Button. And get the Missus off my tail.

Writing from Nineveh,


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