Friday, November 15, 2013

Pennsylvania lawmakers may soon crackdown on abusive teachers

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Pennsylvania school employees may soon have a lot more to think about before they lay their hands on students.

Legislation expected to be introduced in the state legislature would hold wayward educators responsible for legal expenses incurred by districts during their termination process.

“State Rep. Will Tallman, R-York and Adams counties, said school districts often end up in legal battles when they attempt to terminate teachers or have teachers’ certifications pulled,” the York Dispatch reports.

Tallman told the news site it isn’t fair that taxpayers are forced to foot the bill to fight cases they ultimately win, an expense that can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in some instances.

It’s an important issue that can weigh heavily on a school district’s budget, and Tallman picked a pretty good time to broach the subject. Pennsylvania lawmakers already are moving on legislation that would prevent educators accused of misconduct from securing secret deals with the help of their teachers union that exchange a letter of recommendation for their agreement to leave quietly.

The practice, known as “passing the trash,” is surprisingly common in Pennsylvania and numerous other states.  (more...)

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