Monday, November 18, 2013

GCHQ ordered to break up 'dark web' used by paedophiles to share sick abuse images undetected online

The number of people in the UK using encrypted web
networks every day is expected to hit 20,000 this year
Britain’s spy agencies have been ordered to break up the ‘dark web’ used by paedophiles to share sick child abuse images online.

Prime Minister David Cameron said he wanted GCHQ to do more to find those trying to ‘hide from justice’ by using encrypted internet networks.

It comes ahead of a Downing Street summit where web firm Google  will pledge to block internet search results linked to child abuse around the world.

Mr Cameron has made clear that he wants more to be done to protect internet users from vile images online while trying to catch those responsible for the abuse.

He has tasked GCHQ intelligence experts to try to track those using secret links – known as the ‘dark web’ - to share photographs of child abuse.

The National Crime Agency estimates that the number of people in the UK using encrypted networks has risen by two-thirds and is expected to hit 20,000-a-day by the end of this year.  (more...)

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