Friday, November 15, 2013

Sex in school costs Iowa teacher his job

An Iowa teacher resigned from his job in November 2012 after surveillance
camera caught him having sex in a room at the school with a colleague
DES MOINES, Iowa -- A schoolteacher who was forced to resign after being videotaped having sex with a colleague in a classroom closet said the encounters were on his personal time and he was entitled to collect unemployment benefits.

An Iowa judge has ruled otherwise and denied the teacher benefits, citing his "willful" workplace misconduct. The ruling became public earlier this year.

Columbus Community School District Superintendent Marlene Johnson told The Des Moines Register this week that she can't discuss the matter or confirm that it ever happened.

But public records outline why high school science teacher Robert L. Brown of West Branch resigned from his job with the Columbus Community School District in November 2012 - and Brown's explanation for what happened.  (more...)


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