Friday, November 29, 2013

League applies to intervene in Loyola appeal

Catholic Civil Rights League
TORONTO, ON November 29, 2013 – The League has filed an application to intervene in the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) appeal of Montreal’s Loyola High School, which is seeking to modify Quebec’s Ethics and Religious Culture (ECR) course to teach it from a Catholic standpoint.

The League, in a joint application with the Association of Catholic Parents of Quebec, Faith and Freedom Alliance and The Association of Coptic Christians of Montreal, emphasized the religious freedom aspects of the case, and the role of the state in encouraging religious freedom, in its application. “If granted leave to intervene in this appeal, the Moving Parties intend to focus their submissions, on some or all, of the issues concerning corporate or collective freedom of religion, multiculturalism and, parental rights under the Charter, as well as parental rights under Québec civil law,” the memorandum of argument states.  (more...)

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