Friday, November 22, 2013

Yakuza gangsters 'forcing homeless people to work on the Fukushima nuclear plant clear-up

Tepco are desperately short of workers
needed for the clean-up operation
Japan's notorious Yakuza gangsters are forcing homeless people to join the desperate clear-up effort at the Fukushima nuclear plant before simply firing them when they suffer high doses of radiation, it has been claimed.

Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) which operates the plant have been struggling to recruit workers who are desperately needed to join the hazardous operation dismantling the plant.

As a result Tepco subcontractors reportedly reached out out to the Yakuza for help. The gangsters are said to often provide workers at short notice for large scale construction projects.

Undercover reporter Tomohiko Suzuki claims to have infiltrated the clean-up operation and amassed 'solid evidence' that desperate and homeless men are being brought to Fukushima by the Yakuza.

The workers say they were not made aware of the risks and say they have been treated like 'disposable people'.

Russian news network RT reports one former worker as saying: 'We were given no insurance for health risks, no radiation meters even.

'We were treated like nothing, like disposable people – they promised things and then kicked us out when we received a large radiation doze.

'They promised a lot of money, even signed a long-term contract, but then suddenly terminated it, not even paying me a third of the promised sum.'  (more...)

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