Friday, November 29, 2013

White House caught red-handed abetting homosexual child abuse, and nobody says anything!

The ligbitists' grip on  people in power is so completely grotesque, as we have been documenting here on English Manif, and yet, people remain enthralled with the pro-gay victim narrative, anesthetized to the deep damage done to our social structure by the destructive -- and I do mean destructive -- tendencies of ligbitist ideology.

I wonder, at times, what it will take to wake people up. We saw the terrible cases of Frank Lombard, Mark Newton, and Walter Williams (at USC) -- gay men who hid behind gay liberation ideology while they molested and prostituted boys, or in the case of Kevin Jennings, assisted in other homosexual men's aims to do the same. Of course, not all gay men are abusers. But the policies being pushed by the ligbitist lobby -- "equal rights" to adopt and foster boys, protection from any investigative inquiry that might demean their sexuality, access to school curriculum through state-mandated subject matter changes and "It Gets Better" and the formation of gay-straight alliances -- give abusers cover and hamstring society's ability to protect children from an already existing homosexual molestation subculture.  (more...)


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