Sunday, November 17, 2013

The man who seduced a Romanian village

After years of undetected abuse, child pornographer Markus Roth under arrest
SEINI, ROMANIA—Andrei was the first to learn what was happening to the boys of the village.

The news came in a phone call from a cousin nearby tending to his sheep in this remote collection of close-knit families strung along a winding dirt road where chickens and goats wander past horse-drawn buggies.

At first, Andrei didn’t understand what he was hearing on that fall day in 2009: His 14-year-old son and other village boys were being filmed naked in a backyard swimming pool concealed from neighbours by a hastily constructed fence.

The videographer was Markus Roth, who had endeared himself to village families as a Robin Hood figure, a magnanimous German businessman who offered free karate classes and excursions for their sons.  (more...)

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