Sunday, November 17, 2013

Same-sex parenting advocates must stop glossing over the adoption question

November is Adoption Awareness Month, and this essay came out in Chicago Now, offering an extraordinarily relevant caveat about the perceived heroism of adoption:

In the debates about same-sex parenting, often, to skirt the questions of divorce and artificial reproductive technology -- which we at English Manif are continuing to address as flaws in the same-sex parenting argument -- advocates for gay parents throw out "adoption" as a debate-stopper.

For instance, as I was being interviewed by Reuters last June for an article that never ended up mentioning me, the reporter kept interrupting me when I discussed the problems of divorce, surrogacy, and sperm banking, to say, "but what if there is a baby that nobody wants and there's a loving gay couple?"

The problem with this canard is that it pretends that adoption comes to us without a long history of controversy, corruption, and abuses.  (more...)

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