Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Full-day kindergarten in Ontario: Reading the fine print

On the first day of school this year, the media was abuzz with the success of full-day kindergarten in Ontario. The Education Minister did a press conference reporting that the research was in and it was “nothing short of incredible.” Daycare advocate Margaret Norrie McCain claimed the results were “like winning Olympic gold” and advisor to then Premier McGuinty, Charles Pascal, said he was doing cartwheels, so great was his joy.

Yet the research was not actually in. The studies were only made available later in October.

As a result of this red flag, the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada decided to save the calisthenics for later. We asked why this research should be so drastically different from prior research done on the same topic.

As it turns out, having now read the research, it is not different. It shows lacklustre results for Ontario’s children.  (more...)

Further analysis:

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