Thursday, February 15, 2024

NDP, Liberals smear Palestine Demo


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Canada’s liberal political establishment are echoing Kahanist fascists in their smears of internationalist, anti-genocide, activists.

On Monday evening thousands marched through downtown Toronto against Canada’s complicity in Israel’s assault on Rafah. The emergency protest began at the Israeli consulate on Bloor Street, marched towards the US consulate on University Avenue and ended at Yonge & Dundas. On route protesters passed an entrance of Mount Sinai Hospital where two flag waving men, who climbed other spots during the protest, got atop the scaffolding of a publicly funded medical institution with Jewish roots.

Prominent Jewish activist Anna Lippman shared a photo of the costumed “Palestinian Spider-Man” (spiderman4palestine) waving a Palestinian flag above a Mount Sinai Hospital sign with the words, “Palestine will be free. Hands Off Rafah.” A follower of numerous pro-Palestinian accounts, the former head of the fascist Jewish Defence League (JDL) Meir Weinstein quickly reposted Lipman’s photo adding, “The pro Hamas gangs are now targeting the Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Where is the police? Is it now “Open Season on Jews?”

As has occurred on numerous occasions in recent months, Weinstein’s smear against the anti-genocide protest was soon echoed by mainstream Zionist lobby groups, commentators and politicians. Liberal MP Marco Mendicino declared, “targeting Mount Sinai Hospital to incite intifada against Israel and the Jewish people is flagrantly antisemitic” while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opined, “the demonstration at Mount Sinai Hospital yesterday was reprehensible.” For her part, Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow released a statement claiming, “yesterday’s actions at Mount Sinai Hospital, a hospital founded by Toronto’s Jewish community, were unacceptable. Targeting Jewish institutions is antisemitic.”

Echoing the former NDP MP, party leader Jagmeet Singh wrote “Yesterday, the Mount Sinai Hospital was targeted because of its ties to the Jewish community in Toronto.”

Taking the farcical claims even further, Ontario Liberal party leader Bonnie Crombie declared: “I’ve been torn up by the accounts of protestors infiltrating Mount Sinai Hospital, intimidating Jewish patients and doctors, and threatening our already weakened healthcare system. These antisemitic actions are intentional attempts at destabilizing the safety and security of Jewish people living in Ontario. I condemn these indefensible acts and urge governments to deploy the resources necessary to ensure our communities can be safe and welcoming to Jews and all people who call Ontario home.”  (more...)

NDP, Liberals smear Palestine Demo

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