Saturday, February 10, 2024

Putin makes Canada's embarrassing 'Nazi in parliament' story worldwide news


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Just when embarrassed Canadians were starting to forget a former Nazi unit soldier getting a standing ovation in the House of Commons, along comes Vladimir Putin telling Tucker Carlson it’s one of the reasons Russia remains at war in Ukraine.

This was big news last September in Canada but what no one saw coming was that the Jaroslav Hunka affair would end up highlighted to the whole world in what is being called the most-watched interview of all time.

In fact, Putin used the incident in Parliament with the 98-year-old former Waffen SS soldier – invited by Speaker of the House Anthony Rota to attend the address by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy – as one of his justifications for continued prosecution of bloody war in Ukraine.

While saying he understands Ukrainians are entitled to be a “separate people,” he believes “not on the basis of Nazism.”

When independent journalist Carlson challenged Putin by saying, “Hitler has been dead for 80 years,” the long-serving Russian leader called Carlson’s question “pesky and subtle” while seizing the moment to add his version of history to an already lengthy 30-minute history lesson on Russia.

“You say Hitler has been dead for so many years,” Putin said through a translator. “But his example lives on. The people who exterminated the Jews, Russians and Poles are still alive. And the president, the current president of today’s Ukraine, applauds him in the Canadian Parliament … can we say that we have completely uprooted his ideology?”

He was referring to Hunka being cheered by members of Parliament.  (more...)

Putin makes Canada's embarrassing 'Nazi in parliament' story worldwide news

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