Thursday, February 15, 2024

Is There Anywhere Left To Protest For Gaza In Canada?


Canada protests Palestine solidarity genocide Gaza restrictions police repression censorship freedom of expression

I outline the establishment’s Palestine-protest limitation demands to determine where those against Israel’s genocide can go.

Canadians have the right to protest, with legal limitations that are enforced differently based upon who the protesters are and/or what they’re protesting.

In addition to selective enforcement, certain causes will see normative restrictions placed upon them. They may be told that their protest is legal, but that it’s unacceptable and they should refrain from doing it again for whatever reason. That is the case for pro-Palestine protests, which have been subjected to endless smears by media, police and politicians since October 7.

I want to go through some of the limitations on pro-Palestine protests the establishment has called for, and determine, according to their rules, where it would be acceptable for those concerned about an ongoing genocide to go and say something about it.  (more...)

Is There Anywhere Left To Protest For Gaza In Canada?

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