Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Zelensky criticizes protesting Polish farmers


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News about the blockade seems like “outright mockery” for Ukrainian soldiers, the president has said

President Vladimir Zelensky has lashed out at Polish activists who are blocking Ukrainian grain from entering their country. News of the protests “seems like outright mockery” to Ukraine’s soldiers, he said.

Polish farmers opposed to competition from cheaper Ukrainian grain have been protesting at the countries’ border since October.

They argue that Ukrainian suppliers don’t have to comply with EU rules and standards, and therefore have an unfair advantage.

Warsaw has imposed a ban on Ukrainian imports but allows produce to transit through the country. However, there are concerns that the grain is making its way onto the Polish market.

President Andrzej Duda insisted to Ukrainian radio on Tuesday that while his government supports Kiev it will not quash peaceful protests because the right of trade associations to demonstrate is protected by law.

Farmers from all over Europe are unhappy about the influx of Ukrainian grain “because they fear for their existence,” Duda said. “It is not hard to understand that they are fighting for their wellbeing.”  (more...)

Zelensky criticizes protesting Polish farmers

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