Saturday, February 17, 2024

Singh’s kowtowing to Israel lobby raises leadership questions


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Amidst Israel’s slaughter in Gaza, the divide between Jagmeet Singh and NDP supporters, as well as his caucus, has become glaring.

On Tuesday Singh once again followed the Israel lobby in smearing internationalist, social justice, minded activists. In response to faux outrage instigated by the former head of the fascistic Jewish Defence League Meir Weinstein, Singh claimed that an anti-genocide march that passed by Mount Sinai Hospital “targeted” the Toronto institution “because of its ties to the Jewish community”. The baseless claim contributes to anti-Palestinian racism and distracts attention from Canada’s complicity in Israel terrorizing 1.5 million people in Rafah.

Five days earlier he echoed another anti-Palestinian outburst when he criticized activists who posted a series of messages on and around the riding office of disgraced BC minister Selina Robinson. “The targeting of MLA Selina Robinson’s office with hateful messages is wrong,” Singh posted on X. But there was nothing “hateful” posted and the Coquitlam police reported that the activists even removed the posters and chalk after videoing their action. Incredibly, it was Singh’s only post on X about the anti-Palestinian bigot who was forced from the BC NDP cabinet by grassroots pressure.  (more...)

Singh’s kowtowing to Israel lobby raises leadership questions


The NDP is incoherent on Gaza genocide

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