Saturday, February 24, 2024

Rebuild the "Land of a Thousand Cities": Use the Oasis Plan to Save Lives in Gaza


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The LaRouche Organization responds to the two decisive strategic questions posed by Russian President Putin in his Feb. 8, 2024 interview with Tucker Carlson.

Why are the U.S. and European elites hell-bent on policies that are suicidal? “Do you even realize what is going on or not? Does anyone in the United States realize this. What are you doing?... Who’s there to talk to? I just don’t understand. We’re ready to talk, but with whom?”

How can we prevent the world from splitting into two irreconcilable camps that could end up in nuclear war? “The world should be a single whole, security should be shared, rather than meant for the `golden billion.’ That is the only scenario where the world could be stable, sustainable and predictable. Until then, while the head is split into two parts, it is an illness, a serious adverse condition. It is a period of a severe disease that the world is now going through. But I think that … this could somehow be remedied.”

Putin is asking the right questions and demanding a dialogue and deliberation with sensible voices in the West.

Schiller Institute Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in an IPC discussion yesterday, reiterated the tectonic shift taking place in the world, with the majority of nations turning towards multilateral institutions such as the BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Eurasian Economic Union, and African Union. A solution orientation can be provided for Southwest Asia, through the Oasis Plan for reconstruction of the desperate Gaza area, and greater region. Demonstrations against the ongoing genocide must take up this approach for greater economic development as the key to peace.

The LaRouche Organization takes up that challenge in our Manhattan Project discussion today with Ibero-American Intelligence Director for EIR Dennis Small.

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