Wednesday, February 28, 2024

H.G. Wells' War Of The Worlds and the Dawn of a New Age


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In this second episode of The Hidden Hand Behind UFOs, the figure of H.G. Wells is introduced as a student of X Club leader Thomas Huxley and the father of modern predictive programming. H.G. Wells' efforts to tear down the wall separating fantasy from fiction, while setting the stage for world government, transhumanism, UFOs and thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction as an alchemical solution to deconstructing society (and thence reconstructing society) under a new science of controls.

How did Wells' followers spearhead the creation of the Manhattan Project, League of nations and UN? How did Wells' 'science of controls' outlined in his New World Order, World Brain and Open Conspiracy set the stage for Cybernetics and Transhumanism after WW2? What is the Fabian Society that Wells' led and how did it shape so much of the 20th century? Most importantly, how does all of this play into the revival of a new occult priesthood managed by a technocratic elite?

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