Tuesday, February 27, 2024

‘Don’t Give Up’: Community Groups Discuss Suppression Of Pro-Palestinian Voices


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“We are seeing the impact that the Zionist lobby is having ... and we decided that this was the time to speak up.”

Hundreds of Torontonians gathered for a roundtable discussion on the suppression of pro-Palestinian voices at schools, university campuses and workplaces last Friday.

The organizations Jews Say No To Genocide Coalition, Palestinian Youth Movement, Health Workers Alliance for Palestine and Toronto Palestinian Families held the event at a church in the Yonge and Dundas Square area under the slogan “We will not be silenced.”

A long list of professionals who have expressed solidarity with Palestine in recent months have faced punishment or termination. We For P, an American non-profit pro-Palestinian organization, recently found that 67 per cent of professionals who were surveyed by the group were exposed to “retaliation or intimidation” for expressing solidarity with Palestine.

Five panelists at the Toronto event spoke about the importance of solidarity and shared ways to combat the silencing of pro-Palestinian voices. The panelists stressed that those navigating the challenges that come with expressing pro-Palestinian views in professional contexts should not feel alone.

Gur Tsabar, a member of the Jews Say No To Genocide Coalition, said: “You have a massive community of people here, and experts who know this pattern of behaviour. So, do not let it scare you. Do not feel like you are alone. Just pick up the phone. Call. We are here to help one another.”  (more...)

‘Don’t Give Up’: Community Groups Discuss Suppression Of Pro-Palestinian Voices

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