Thursday, February 22, 2024

The hunt for Canada’s last Nazis


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Canada's Nazis are now well into their 90s. One woman is making a last push to bring them to justice.

For Nazi hunter Abbee Corb, there are cases that stand out, like the one she calls the “baby smasher.”

A criminologist with a PhD, Corb was searching for Nazis who had resettled in Canada when she came across the file.

A witness statement written in 1945 described how a young Lithuanian woman named Klimaite had “smashed heads of Jewish children with rocks.”

A woman matching the suspect’s profile had moved to Canada after the war, and the professor tracked her to an address in Windsor, Ont.

Corb knocked on her door with a list of questions that amounted to one thing: did Klimaite have a dark secret to confess?

The case is among several Corb is pursuing as the clock winds down on the effort to bring Nazi war criminals to justice.

Only a handful of the Nazis suspected of coming to Canada with the post-war migration wave are still alive, and they are well into their 90s.

But Corb believes they must be held to account, regardless of their age. Even those who have died need to be exposed through the release of Canadian government records.

“We have to uncover the truth. We have to pursue this. We can’t throw it under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen.”  (more...)

The hunt for Canada’s last Nazis

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