Tuesday, November 28, 2023

How the Nazis didn't Lose the War


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In this episode of Connecting the Dots with Matt Ehret on TNT Radio, Uwe Alschner is invited to discuss his research on the British intelligence control of Adolph Hitler, and the insidious relationship of Montague Norman and Hjalmar Schacht. The role of City of London financiers and unreconstructed Nazis is explored during and after the Cold War

GUEST OVERVIEW: Dr Uwe Alschner is a German journalist, historian, management consultant, and certified “Big Five for Life” coach and trainer. He has over twenty years of experience in advising and supporting managers and decision-makers from politics and business.

The Tavistock-Hitler Connection

The 'Norman' connection - Not just Hitler was handled by Anglo-American Oligarchs, who went on to have 'family' destroy East German Industry. And more.

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