Sunday, January 18, 2015

One big reason to scrap Wynne's new sex ed curriculum: Benjamin Levin

Benjamin Levin is reason enough to withdraw
the proposed sex education curriculum
There's an important piece of news information that every parent in this province ought to know because it affects every child attending Ontario schools. It should be front page news in every major Ontario newspaper, television newscast and online new service, but for many reasons and some of them political it won't. The story with the exception of Sun News reporter Faith Goldy has gone largely unnoticed.

Lawyer Clayton Ruby yesterday announced in a Toronto courtroom that his client professor Benjamin Levin will plead guilty to the charges. What charges you may ask and what does it have to do with the education of Ontario's children? Who is Benjamin Levin?

Levin is a tenured professor at the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. He was also the deputy education minister in Ontario when the radical and explicit sex education was developed. This was during the time when Dalton McGuinty was premier. In his position, Levin no doubt had a hand in writing and supervising the process.  (more...)

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