Friday, January 30, 2015

Child abuse victims received death threats after MPs revealed their identities

Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz published leaked documents
from the Government's child abuse inquiry
Survivors of child sex abuse have received death threats after their names and confidential details were published by MPs after being leaked by the Government's inquiry into historic child abuse.

A group of victims have written to the Home Secretary expressing 'grave concern' that documents leaked by a member of the inquiry were published online.

The Home Affairs Select Committee published the documents on its website without blanking out the names of the victims, it has emerged.

The revelation came after the Government admitted it had lost two confidential discs containing sensitive information - including the identity of the police marksman who killed Mark Duggan in 2011 sparking nationwide riots.

Information relating to three judge-led inquiries including the fatal police shooting of Mr Duggan in Tottenham went missing after being sent in the post, the Ministry of Justice has admitted.

The group says that names and contact details of panel members have since been redacted from the site – but not before they were contacted and threatened.  (more...)

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