Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Hinterland Laments: Despite concerns, school trustee role necessary

A recent Toronto Star poll asked the following question: What role should trustees play in education?

More than 74 per cent of respondents said none. A mere 15 per cent consider trustees a valued component of our school system.

The term “scathing indictment” springs to mind.

But it’s worth noting the poll was conducted in the aftermath of the latest conflagration in Toronto, in which a massively dysfunctional public board has been spanked by the province for sins too numerous to list here.

Whenever something absurd happens at a Toronto board (remember the Catholic trustee who expensed a vacation to Punta Cana?), anti-trustee voices become louder, more empowered.

And their complaints are hard to dispute  (more...)

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