Monday, January 26, 2015

Scathing TDSB review doesn’t address board’s real problems

Margaret Wilson wrote a scathing review of the TDSB that may ultimately
make the school system even worse
The report by Margaret Wilson and the subsequent orders to implement its recommendations by Education Minister Liz Sandals were a real missed opportunity to address the leadership issues at the Toronto District School Board. To its credit, the report did chastise trustees for failing to close empty schools, even though it would result in a better educational experience for all children across the city. But chastising trustees is about all the report did, even though the TDSB’s issues run far deeper. And in fact, it is very likely that some of the recommendations will make the school system even worse.

The report’s recommendations will dramatically weaken all trustees, even though it makes clear that it was only some that were meddling in day-to-day affairs. It was as if faced with a few misbehaving students, Wilson and Sandals have decided to punish the entire class. This isn’t an effective strategy in the classroom, and is not any better at the school board level. It would have been far better if Wilson had called out these problem trustees so that they could be dealt with directly.

The recommendations are also a blow to local democracy  (more...)

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