Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hey, politicos, leave our kids alone!

Whatever happened to GI Joe and hopscotch?

Good grief. Our kids will all be twitchy alcoholic neurotics on Prozac by Grade 6 if Premier Mom and other political nannies don’t quit pressuring them.

And what are parents supposed to do? Sign over custody of their kids? Here, Queen’s Park, you take ‘em!

This has been a busy week in Nannyville.

First, there’s the call for more guidance counsellors in Ontario elementary schools.

That way little Johnny can track his career path all the way from kindergarten to law school.

The decisions you make in Show and Tell can haunt you the rest of your life, you know.

Then Premier Kathleen Wynne decrees that Grade 1 kids will be taught the tricky business of sexual consent, as part of her new sex education curriculum expected this fall.

You will recall Premier Mom’s predecessor, Premier Dad, Dalton McGuinty, tried to impose a gob-smackingly graphic sex ed on your kids, until parents shouted it down.   (more...)

And a few less comedic takes:

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