Saturday, January 17, 2015

Media coverage: University of Toronto professor Benjamin Levin to plead guilty to some child-exploitation charges

Undated photo of Benjamin Levin, former deputy minister of education for
Ontario and University of Toronto professor.
A Toronto professor and former deputy education minister will plead guilty to some of the seven charges related to child pornography that he faces, the lawyer for Benjamin Levin has confirmed.

Clayton Ruby, who appeared in court on behalf of his client Friday, said Levin “will be making a guilty plea,” but would not stipulate on which of the child-exploitation offences, which included accessing, possessing, writing and distributing child pornography, counselling someone to commit sexual assault, and making an arrangement with a police officer to commit sexual assault.

Levin, born in 1952, is to appear at a scheduled hearing at the Finch Ave. courthouse March 3 and again later in the month for a sentencing hearing. Ruby also confirmed “there will not be a trial.”  (more...)


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