Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The view from inside a reeling TDSB

As a trustee with the Toronto District School Board for the past four years, I’m angry. I’m angry with trustees who behaved as if they’d won a coronation rather than an election. I’m angry with trustees who, for the past year and a half engaged in feuds with each other, lobbing missiles through the media, thinking they were hurting only their opponents, but who were destroying the board’s reputation.

I’m angry with trustees who went to the province with TDSB problems rather than working with the board to fix them.

I’m also angry with the province, whose recent scathing report and 13 punitive directives took a baseball bat to the entire board in order to address what their investigator called the actions of “some but not all trustees.”

Queen’s Park also used this crisis as an opportunity to advance their own agenda to make trustees answerable to the provincial government rather than the communities that elected them, and for pushing, out of the blue, their plan to close and sell schools.  (more...)

What they want you to see:

And how they try hard to ensure you don't see anything else:

Looking on from the peanut gallery:

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