Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why school trustees have lost the public’s trust

AA previous board chair ignored a provincial injunction to freeze the salary of
director of education Donna Quan at $272,000. Bizarrely, the old board bumped
Quan up to $289,000
Our public trustees have lost the public’s trust. And the school board’s director lacks direction.

That’s the verdict from an outside expert brought in by the government to probe an ungovernable Toronto District School Board.

Consultant Margaret Wilson found the TDSB’s 250,000 students studying hard, their teachers teaching well, and the principals still principled. But the trustees and director act like problem children.

It’s a reversal of role models: While students and teachers are on their best behaviour, the politicians and pedagogue-in-chief are accused of bullying and oppositional defiance.  (more...)

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