Saturday, January 31, 2015

Underused TDSB schools don't benefit anyone

Closing a school is hard, even if it is half empty. Parents can be awfully attached to their local school. They can make a big noise when it is threatened. Local school trustees and community groups usually join the clamour.

Witness what happened this week. The Toronto District School Board reported that 130 of its schools are operating at 65 per cent capacity or less, making them possible candidates for closing. The pushback was instant and fierce.

Trustees lined up to chide the education ministry for pressing them to close underused schools and to argue why many should stay open. Didn’t Queen’s Park realize some of them were bustling with daycare kids and adult learners? Wouldn’t it be irresponsible to close schools when the city is growing so fast and falling enrolment is bouncing back in some neighbourhoods?  (more...)

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