Thursday, January 15, 2015

Michael Coren is wrong: It is about the unborn, not Mary Wagner !

Today, January 15, 2015, the Catholic Register has seen fit to publish an "opinion" by Michael Coren. After three weeks of silence, not even just facts, but this. Readers, if they wish, may do a search for it, and the whole sickening thing. I shall not link to it on this page. My hope is that The Catholic Register will permit a response to this calumny. Justice demands this.

However, a initial few words need to be said. Mary Wagner is a voice for the unborn. She is a "victim with the victim", the face of those thousands of forgotten and unseen tiny faces that society has deemed disposable. Our angel for life is making a profound stand for Truth, just as Our Lord did. And they crucified Him for it. Though He was the Way, the Truth and the Life, they nailed Him to a tree. Mary, in her extraordinary way, is shining the light of truth upon abortion, and it is very uncomfortable, but it is also liberating: from lies and sin.  (more...)

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