Friday, January 16, 2015

TDSB: The Hounds Close in for the Kill

Education Minister Liz Sandals is right to ring the bell for wholesale change at the TDSB.
Butt out. That was the blunt and welcome message Education Minister Liz Sandals has for over-reaching trustees at the Toronto District School Board in the wake of a damning report that accused senior staff and trustees of creating a “culture of fear.” And butt out fast.

After describing the report by veteran educator Margaret Wilson “troubling” and “appalling,” Sandals on Thursday rightly ordered several needed measures to rein in a batch of out-of-control trustees, who, Wilson found, had created their own personal “fiefdoms” in a climate of unsteady leadership. As well, she directed the TDSB to set up a task force to review its very structure.

Critics have argued that as the largest board in Canada the TDSB is just too unwieldy to do a good job. The board is responsible for a $3-billion budget and the education of some 250,000 students in almost 600 schools. Whatever the results of the review, a hard look is long overdue.  (more...)

Blood in the water:

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