Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The pay-off: Dalton McGuinty registers as a lobbyist

Political favors returned
As spotted by Queen’s Park Briefing’s John McGrath, former premier Dalton McGuinty has in the last few days registered to lobby the Ontario government on behalf of Desire2Learn. That’s a Kitchener company that makes a way of delivering lessons and doing group work online, with various ways for teachers and parents to monitor what’s going on. Also adaptable for postsecondary and business settings. The company calls its product Brightspace.

McGuinty’s gig as a “special adviser” with Desire2Learn became known about a month ago. TVO’s Steve Paikin described the job then as to “bring a ‘public policy mindset’ to [Desire2Learn's] activities, help the company wade through the political challenges, then open doors for Desire2Learn all over the world.”  (more...)

H/T to Socialist Studies

Update: Sex-ed module...
The Dalton-O-Lator

And Christina Blizzard takes a poke:

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