Friday, September 26, 2014

TDSB teacher pleads guilty to professional misconduct

A Toronto teacher pleaded guilty to professional misconduct at a disciplinary hearing at the Ontario College of Teachers this week for giving a former student DVDs containing sexual content, engaging in inappropriate Facebook communication with that student and failing to report being sexually propositioned by another former student.

Ian Handscomb has been at the Claude Watson School for the Arts since 1996 and is still employed at the school as artistic director, according to a statement his counsel made at the hearing. He was formally disciplined by the college, including a verbal reprimand by the panel and a 20-day suspension.

An agreed statement of facts lays out that Handscomb believed a male student had approached him about “coming out” because he was an openly gay teacher, and further, that Facebook conversations with that student that had sexual content were in reference to sexual orientation and safety in sexual relationships.  (more...)

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