Tuesday, September 16, 2014

'Mom, Please Help'

Kyle Gilrain and Carol Savage say they were fired from the National Deaf Academy
after reporting alleged instances of abuse and neglect.
The FBI is investigating the alleged abuse and neglect of vulnerable deaf and autistic children at a residential treatment center in Florida, NBC News has learned.

An exclusive NBC News investigation found that 10 different patients at NDA Behavioral Health System in Mt. Dora, Florida, also known as the National Deaf Academy, have alleged physical abuse to a government-funded advocacy group for the disabled in 2013. Three families, including the family of one of those ten patients, have filed suits alleging abuse.

“He’s been broken,” said Hannah, who alleges in her lawsuit that her son was physically abused and inappropriately touched. “And our whole family has been broken.”

“If they do this to him –- and he can talk,” she said, “think of what they do to the ones who can’t talk.”  (more...)

Commentary by the Truth Alliance Foundation:

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