Sunday, September 28, 2014

Retrospective: Pedophilia and Kulturkampf: the Consequences of Just Saying Yes to the Culture of Appetite

Bernard Cardinal Law
The recent pedophilia case in Boston is instructive for those who want to understand how Kulturkampf works in a culture where media orchestrated appetite followed by media orchestrated opinion is the main instrument of control. Every system of control needs a cadre of commissars, those who have internalized the commands of the regime to the extent that they want to impose them on others. Some people do this because their guilty consciences compel them to; others get paid to do it. The categories are not mutually exclusive, as the case of Andrew Sullivan, the establishment's designated Catholic, indicates. Sullivan is a homosexual Catholic, which makes him an expert on moral issues. He can therefore speak with authority on things like priestly celibacy. On the pages of Time magazine, Sullivan calls celibacy "an onerous burden that can easily distort a person's psyche."

Just how abolishing celibacy is going to quiet the urges of the homosexual priests who have been molesting children is anyone's guess. Sullivan ignores the fact that the ability to marry is not much of a consolation to a homosexual. Has Andrew Sullivan availed himself of the right to marry a woman and have children? If not, why does he think a homosexual priest would? The pronouncements of designated Catholics like Sullivan are always couched in terms that lead the reader to believe that they have only the good of the church in mind. Flens dico. Disinterested benevolence, etc. That pose is maintained long enough to lead up to the real message, which is that the Church will have to abandon its commitment to preserving the moral order in the sexual realm. "How," Sullivan wonders, "can a church that preaches the impermissibility of so many forms of consensual, adult sex simultaneously tolerate, ignore or cover up the sexual abuse of children by its own priests?" In other words, the political purpose of the current crisis is to break whatever hold the Catholic Church still has on morals because morals, especially sexual morals, are the only thing which stands between the nation's beleaguered individuals and families and the globalist culture of control through appetite which pays Mr. Sullivan to say what he has to say.   (more...)

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