Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When Will Catholics Give Up Being Used by "Conservative" Politicians?

...For decades, in Spain as in many other countries in the West, "conservative" parties have tricked Catholics into voting for them because they alone could deliver some form of pro-life or pro-family measures. Instead, time and again, from Canada to Eastern Europe, they rarely do manage to deliver anything, even with solid majorities in parliament. When Socialists are in power they advance their pro-death and anti-family ideas, strongly -- when "conservatives" get majorities, no Socialist measure is undone... It was a tricky alliance: Catholics would support economic measures that are not exactly the best implementation of Catholic Social Doctrine (which, just to be clear, Socialist parties disrespect as well, despite the propaganda of their fellow travelers embedded within the Catholic Church), but at least they would be able to advance some measures of non-negotiable principles on family and the preservation of human life. Instead, what they get is neither one nor the other. Another curious betrayal, of course, happened in the United Kingdom, where a measure that wasn't even present in the parties' manifestos (the extension of civil marriage to homosexual "couples") was rammed through Parliament with full support of the Conservative-led coalition, whose slight hold on power had certainly been helped by the votes of pro-family Christians... And in France, the former president and leader of the main "conservative" party has just announced that he is not at all interested in revisiting the Socialist-imposed "same-sex marriage" law (that brought millions of Christians to the streets in 2013) when his party comes back to power -- he is only critical of the "humiliating" way in which it was passed.  (more...)

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