Monday, September 29, 2014

Homo-eduphobia: The Gay Fear of Educated People

Are you honored to read the words of a “rising star”?  According to the Human Rights Campaign’s September 15 report, “Export of Hate,” that’s me.  I’m apparently so famous and powerful that I rank second on their list of the most dangerous extremists launching homophobia from American soil.  I have supernatural powers that nobody could have guessed.  With no organizational affiliation, and nothing but a $65,000-a-year job with which I support a family of four in Los Angeles, I can make the whole world hate gays.

The Human Rights Campaign’s yearly revenues are estimated by some as over $10 million.  Their principals meet regularly with the president of the United States.  Yet they used up valuable donations to spy on and stalk me.  Because I’m really deadly like that.  I mean, I’m alive, I disagree with them, and I have a computer.  Call in the CIA!

Did I strap a suicide vest on?  Am I a terrorist?  Have I called for countries overseas to pass anti-sodomy laws?  Do I encourage people to hang gays?  Am I a promoter of ex-gay conversion therapy?  Do I call homosexuality an abomination or homosexuals bad people?  (more...)

More forensic evidence:

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