Thursday, September 25, 2014

Among the Bourgeois Decadents

When I first read this account in The Atlantic about the highly ritualized group-sex scene in San Francisco and elsewhere, I was disgusted. It’s written not really as anthropology or sociology, but as advocacy. When a publication as respected as The Atlantic runs articles that not long ago you’d have to go to a pornographic magazine to read, it’s a sign of cultural decline.

On second thought, though, they struck me as perfectly ridiculous. Leave it to Americans to bourgeoisify the most transgressive sexual behavior. Read on:
Group sex parties run the gamut and are available for all types of people. The New York scene, which just last month opened a Kinky Salon, joining their list of hosted parties in Copenhagen, Austin, Berlin, Portland, New Orleans, and London, has its fair share of parties across the board. There are the parties just for single heterosexual couples, like Bowery Bliss, a weekly swingers party in lower Manhattan, for which “The term couple refers to a Male and Female. Two men are NOT considered a couple.” At others, like Submit in Brooklyn, a party for “women and trans folk” interested in all types of BDSM play, “There’s a shower, a boot black station, slings, a cross, bondage set-ups, beds, peep holes, and more.” One Leg Up requires their guests to leave together if they arrive together, and Chemistry, another Brooklyn scene, asks a series of questions to pre-screen their guests like, “What is your favorite non-sexual hobby?” or “What role does sexuality play in your life?”  (more...)

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