Friday, September 12, 2014

US: 38 Men Raped in Military Every Day

According to the Pentagon, 38 military men are sexually assaulted every single day, and since the victims usually don't speak out, the perpetrators nearly always go free.

Steve Stovey is one such victim, who joined the US Navy soon after turning 25, in the hope of seeing the world. In the first year and a half, Stovey tells GQ magazine, that he had the greatest time of his life, however, in the late September of 1999, he faced the unknown, when he was physically abused in a remote storage area of the ship.

Stovey recalls being sent to get supplies from the storage area, and shortly after he was attacked by three men who threw a black hood over his head and sodomized him. He remained in hiding, in a bathroom until the pain receded.  (more...)

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