Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Knowl View: Abuse 'beyond horror' says Tony Blair's priest

Father Michael Seed started at the school
a year after it had opened
The level of child sexual abuse at the Knowl View school in Rochdale was "beyond horror", a former pupil who became Tony Blair's chaplain has said.

Father Michael Seed, 57, started at the school in 1970 and said he was abused by the one person from the school to be jailed for abuse.

The priest said he was interviewed by police about the school in the 1990s.

He has also been asked to provide evidence for Rochdale Council's internal investigation into the school.

"As a priest I have to forgive what happened but justice also needs to be done," he said.

Fr Seed, who was raised by his adoptive grandmother following the death of his adopted parents, was aged 13 when he entered the school.

"What happened there is preposterous," he said. "It is beyond horror."  (more...)

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