Thursday, September 18, 2014

Toronto public school trustees racked up high costs for conference travel

TDSB trustee Shelley Laskin, centre, who claimed more than
$13,000 in conference expenses over a three-year period
Toronto public school trustees spent $108,000 on conferences over a three-year period, travelling to California, Boston and Whistler on the taxpayers’ dime, say two confidential reports obtained by the Star.

The biggest spenders were trustees Gerri Gershon, racking up $13,804.54 in conference costs; Elizabeth Moyer, with at least $13,727.53; and Shelley Laskin with more than $13,533.93, from 2010-11 to 2012-13, the reports show. There were no cost estimates available for three additional conferences attended by Moyer and Laskin.

These figures come as Toronto trustees face a barrage of criticism over their spending habits. As revealed by the Star, a separate internal audit, obtained through a freedom of information request, showed trustees were reimbursed for hand lotion, a floor mat, $11.30 worth of chocolate bars, a $205 aerial tour of the Alberta oilsands, and Gershon’s tour of Israel, which cost nearly $4,000.  (more...)

Trustee Howard Kaplan owns up:

And Trustee Sam again shows he has class:

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