Friday, September 26, 2014

The Gay Bullyboys Want You Jailed

Climate change and the call for prosecutorial punishment for disagreement is a glimpse into the modern liberal imagination but it is not the only area where the modern left wants not just to bully opponents but punish them. Walking in goose-step with them is the LGBT left. A new report from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) shows the same frightening glimpse of the increasingly dangerous bullyboys of the hard left.

The report is called The Export of Hate and features attacks on many of my friends and colleagues.

It sure is a scary report. It looks that way and reads that way. “There exists a network of American extremists who are working tirelessly to undercut LGBT people around the world at every turn.” Undercut. Yes, you read that right. They undercut. And it does not get any more evil than that.

The report says that their “vicious brand of bigotry is currently finding little traction in the United States” and so they have cast their evil eyes overseas where they find audiences with Parliaments, heads of state “and their wives” and where popular opinion against the homosexual agenda is widespread.  (more...)

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