Friday, September 27, 2013

The response of the Catholic CAS to two high-risk families

Social worker Angie Martin faces
charges in the death of Jordan Heikamp
The Catholic Children's Aid Society social worker who is criminally charged in the shocking starvation death of a 37-day-old baby almost two years ago was also involved with another controversial case in which a six-year-old boy drank his father's methadone-laced orange juice and died.

The National Post has confirmed that until her arrest in August of 1997 in the death of baby Jordan Heikamp, Angie Martin was also assigned to monitor the family of Rene Williams, where both the mother and father are former heroin addicts who were then on methadone programs.

The common denominator linking the two cases is the quality of supervision -- or rather, the alleged lack of it -- that was given by the agency to two families who should have been easily recognizable as being at high risk.

Ms Martin is charged with criminal negligence causing death  (more...)

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