Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Russia sees U.S. as unsafe for Russian orphans

MOSCOW, Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- A senior Russian diplomat said Tuesday that the United States remains the most problematic country for orphans adopted from Russia.

Speaking at the 3rd Russia-U.S. Child Protection forum, Konstantin Dolgov, the foreign ministry's envoy for democracy, human rights and supremacy of law, said U.S. authorities should pay thorough attention to the so-called rehoming of adopted children via Internet ad boards. He added they should conduct an "investigation of the facts of grave violations of children rights."

Earlier this month, Reuters reported that at least 26 Russian children were "exchanged" by their U.S. foster families with other adoptive parents via the Internet. Moscow said many children were given to pedophiles and makers of child pornography via these exchanges.

The 18-month journalistic investigation revealed that the transfers, beginning on online bulletin boards, led to cases of child abuse and neglect, and were carried out in a largely unregulated environment.

Dolgov said that many U.S. foster families adopted children only to become eligible for social security payments and tax deduction.  (more...)

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