Monday, September 30, 2013

Political Correctness

One of the worst aspects of the education system is that it conspires, implicitly and explicitly, to indoctrinate rather than simply to educate, specifically, to create generations of left-wing voters – and it’s working.

To some extent, this is innocent and unintentional, but by and large, it is both intentional and insidious, an policy to “mold young minds” – the mold is unabashedly socialist.

Teachers, as workers in the so-called “helping professions”, tend to be relatively sensitive to the needs of other and, while that sensitivity is not the exclusive realm of the political left, teachers do tend to be drawn in that direction. Unable to be 100% impartial, they tend to impart that bias in their teaching. Combined with official Ministry and and Board policies which encourage them in that direction, they become the foot soldiers of political correctness.  (more...)

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